As part of the RJ Reynolds tobacco empire, Winston is just another name for them to chalk up on their board of achievements. The Winston cigarette was introduced to the public in the 1950s and was actually named for the city that it is produced in, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Actually, the cigarette is produced right near Winston-Salem in Tobaccoville, which is the largest cigarette firm within the cigarette industry. But since RJ Reynolds has over five major cigarette brands to his name- the Winston brand being no exception to the rule- it is no wonder that there is such a cigarette powerhouse in Tobaccoville.

For awhile in the mid-1900s up until the early 1970s, Winston held the number one spot for the most liked and most popuar cigarette within the United States. People enjoyed Winston not only because it tasted as a cigarette should, but also because the smoking population realizes that Winston cigarettes do not contain any additives as other brands of cigarettes may have. This may lead to the fantastic flavor that Winston puts into its cigarettes.

Winston's cigarettes come in both the soft pack and the regular flip top box, and there are four major categories of Winston cigarettes. The five kinds are Winston Regulars, Lights, and Super Lights. However, only until recently could you get Winston One, which was their cigarette that claimed to have less tar, but even more nicotine. That cigarette actually ceased production because it didn't pick up in popularity. But Winston is still growing strong even without the Winston One; many cigarette smokers enjoy Winston for their favorite cigarette!

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