Yet another division within the RJ Reynolds superpower cigarette-producing plant, Salem is also named for the city where the company was founded, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The other brand that is specifically named for this city is the Winston brand of cigarettes which is also under the RJ Reynolds name.

But Salem boasts being able to swing both sides of the fence with cigarette smokers. Salem has traditionally been marketing their Green Label, which has been known to have a softer and less harsh flavor for cigarette smokers everywhere. Their Green Label has also been named as one of the top cigarettes within the United States for many years and has only been surpassed by the other top cigarette brands like Marlboro cigarettes. It was certainly a big hit for the RJ Reynolds Company, because they advertised it as being the first filter-tipped menthol cigarette. This characteristic of Salem cigarettes also contributes to the fact why they have been very popular within the United States for so long.

Salem also has their Black Label and this is how they appeal to the harsher side and personalities of cigarette smokers. The Salem Black Label is known to be of a harsher taste and quality, which is another characteristic that people love about Salem. Because Salem has both a Green and a Black Label, all cigarette smokers can smoke these cigarettes because they appeal to both sides of cigarette smokers: the ones who love menthol and the ones who love cigarettes that have a little harsher flavor.

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