Although Parliament Cigarettes represent a small amount of sales for Philip Morris, Parliment Cigarettes are especially popular for the younger cigarette smoking generations. They are often touted as being the popular brand of cigarette for the party scene and are commonly referred to as "P-funk," as well as "P-Lights."

The Parliament Cigarettes come in several varieties to appease all kinds of cigarette smokers. The Parliament Blues are the full flavor cigarettes while the Lights are a lighter side of Parliment. In addition, there is also a menthol flavor of the Parliament Cigarettes, but is known to be not as popular as the full flavor type of cigarettes.

One of the unique features about this cigarette brand that it has the recessed paper filter that the company, Altria, has decided to produce it with. In contrast, the other leading cigarette brands usually come with a full solid foam filter. This characteristic by itself might be one reason why people prefer Parliaments to other kinds of cigarettes. However, they are the smallest percentage of sales within the whole of the products of Philip Morris. On the other hand, in Russia the Parliement cigarettes are very popular. They make up almost fifteen percent of the cigarette sales in Russia. This may be because Parliaments are known to be of sophisticated quality and may be what Russia has been used to for many decades. But no matter what the rate of sales is, there are always going to be those who prefer Parliament to other brands of cigarettes.

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