Even though Newport Cigarettes are an established cigarette and have created a loyalty following from its customer base, the Newport Cigarettes are unique unto themselves. One of the reasons may be that Newport Cigarettes are known to be stronger and more harsher compared to other cigarette brands.

Perhaps one of the reason that people love Newport is that they have a high nicotine and tar content. In fact, Newport has the highest Nicotine content among all the cigarette brands within the United States. This characteristic of the Newport cigarettes may have something to do with the fact that these cigarettes are also the highest priced among their other cigarette counterparts.

But even though they are high priced and have a high nicotine and tar content, the popularity among the Newport fans does not change! In fact, the high price of the cigarettes does not contribute to the downfall of Newport in any way. Only in 2001 was Newport named the second most popular cigarette brand in the United States.

Newport is also a very popular menthol cigarette and is also why people enjoy smoking Newports. Whether it is the fact that Newports' are high priced and, therefore, assumed to be of higher quality, or the word of mouth advertising that Newport receives from its customers, it is quite clear that the Newport brand will not be going out of cigarette style to smokers anytime soon.

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