Philip Morris, who is safe to say one of the most widely recognized names when it comes to cigarettes, is the famous man behind the company's name. Philip Morris actually originally created his cigarettes in London, a fact which is not very well publicized by the cigarette company. It was not until the early 1900s that his London Company created a subsidiary in New York to sell some of the cigarettes that they had been marketing.

To create something that the cigarette-enjoying population would enjoy even more, the mascot of the Marlboro Company is the Marlboro Man. Everyone who knows cigarettes recognizes the name of the Marlboro Man and loves his cigarettes. In addition to the mascot, the company created a rewards programs for its following of cigarette lovers. Whenever they smoked a pack of Marlboro cigarettes they would receive "Marlboro Miles." These Miles were then saved and could be redeemed through the Marlboro catalogue of beneficial items to not only the smoking community but the rest of the public themselves. The Miles campaign caught on quickly and the Marlboro Miles were actually gained quite a popularity with smokers and non-smokers alike. Unfortunately, to Marlboro smokers, this campaign ended in late 2006.

But Marlboro and Philip Morris certainly do not need Marlboro Miles to gain popularity. With well over 10 kinds of cigarettes to their name, Marlboro not only aims to create something that the public will enjoy, but puts delicacy in the name of cigarettes. It is no wonder that Marlboro was named the most popular cigarette in 2001!

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