Whether they bring you luck or not, Lucky Strike Cigarettes are referred to as "Luckies." Some people believe that it can actually bring them luck if they carry a pack of these Lucky Strike Cigarettes around in their pockets. The founder of Lucky Strike is Matt Tellman and originally introduced the Lucky Strike brand in the late 1870s. However, originally Lucky Strike was a brand of chewing tobacco; it was not until sometime in the 1900s that it had evolved into a cigarette. Lucky Strike brand was actually said to rival the Camel brand, but Lucky Strike sales have, indeed, not been as big as those of Camel Cigarettes.

One reason that Lucky Strike cigarette smokers like the Lucky Strike brand is because of the way that the cigarettes are manufactured. Instead of being sun-dried like most cigarettes, Lucky Strike's are toasted, which leads to the refined and quality taste of the cigarettes. Whether or not being toasted instead of sun-dried makes the cigarette taste any different or not certainly doesn’t matter to the smokers who enjoy the taste and flavor of their "Luckies."

Another one of Lucky Strike's slogans has been "Lucky Strike means Fine Tobacco," and thousands of cigarette smokers would not disagree. Since Lucky Strike has been around for smokers in the United States since the early 1900s, they have taken hold of cigarette smokers everywhere and showed why they are the best brand for cigarette smoking.

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