Kool was originally created in the mid 1900s and portrayed their icon with a penguin named Willie. Older cigarette smokers will remember Willie as he was one of the favorite icons of cigarette smokers all over the United States. However, Kool stopped using the penguin image in the mid 1950s and following the penguin image, Kool has often targeted its cigarettes towards the sophisticated man.

Even though the Kool brand claims to be the "House of Menthol," which is proudly proclaimed on the outside package of Kool cigarettes, other menthol cigarette brands continue to outshine the Kool brand, at least in the area in the amount of sales that they receive each year. Their top competitor is Newport, but Newport was even named the second most popular cigarette within the United States in 2001.

Kool frequently tries to target the smoking population audience, however, with its frequent promotions that they create. In the summer of 2006 they matched their menthol cigarettes with a Dubb Lighter and gave them away free to customers who decided to buy Kool cigarettes instead of other brands. Kool actually produces its cigarettes with the intention to make a smooth inhalation for cigarette smokers which is why they place the menthol flavor within each and every cigarette. But even though Kool's are not the number one brand in America, they still make it to the top cigarette brands in the country.

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