One could probably easily remember the Joe Camel campaign that begun in the 1980s to grab support and customers for the Camel cigarette brand. This character was one of the most wide recognized throughout the United States and the world and was only recently put down because of legal matters.

But Camel, which has been around since 1913, was originally created and started in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The Camel Company is a unique style of cigarettes that was originally made to be the lighter side of usual cigarettes, making known its fantastic blend of Turkish and Virginia flavors.

One interesting and unique fact about the Camel Company is that they marketed their cigarettes before they were even put out on the market. The slogan for the time period included the phrase that "the Camels are coming" and received attention from cigarette lovers everywhere. Since 1913, not only have the cigarettes taken hold of the cigarette market, but are one of the most popular brands within the United States. Camel has over twenty different types of Camel blends to its name and all of them are packaged with the note that they have a special and unique blend of Turkish and Virginia flavor. Some of the more Turkish flavors include the Turkish Silver, Turkish Gold, as well as the Turkish Jade and Royal. It is no wonder why people are drawn to Camel when they have such a wide selection to choose from!

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