This brand of cigarette, compared to its contemporary brands, is a baby-brand of cigarettes that has only gained popularity relatively recently. American Spirit was created and started producing "natural" cigarettes in the early 1980s and now boasts being an independent subsidiary of Reynolds America.

There are several things that make the American Spirit brand of cigarettes unique. First, all of their cigarettes claim to be made with whole-leaf tobacco. This makes the tobacco content with each of American Spirit's cigarettes higher, which leads to a slower burning cigarette. This is one reason alone why many people consider switching to American Spirit. A second reason that people may consider American Spirit is because the company does not use any additives when producing their cigarettes. Unlike other cigarette companies that use reconstituted sheet tobacco as well as additives, the one hundred percent additive free characteristic is what American Spirit is proud about.

However, those two characteristics of the American Spirit brand also leads to the fact that their cigarettes are more expensive than the other national leading brands of cigarettes, like Marlboro or Camel. But whether or not the price is higher, people everywhere within the United States love the American Spirit and the company is devoted to making a better brand of cigarette for the American smoking population.

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